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More than 30 years of Industrial Decoration

Founded in 1990, the company specialises in the decoration of plastic and metal pieces using the industrial processes of water transfer and liquid paint application.

Over 30 years endorse our experience dedicated to decoration, working for the most demanding sectors.

Offering products and services with the highest quality has always been our priority and that is why we work intensely to have a powerful and robust Quality Management System (QMS).

ISO 9001 certified since 2002, we have also achieved IATF 16949 Certification (Quality Management System specific to the Automotive sector).

Specialised in the mass application of liquid paint, we have three different installations that give us the flexibility to work on short, medium or long series. Likewise, we also specialise in decorative techniques.

We have an installation dedicated to water transfer (also known as Dip-Print or immersion printing).

Work sectors

The main sectors we work in are automotive (interior and exterior parts), low voltage electrical material, small household appliances, chairs and seats for groups.

Experience and flexibility combined with a powerful Quality Management System allow us a two-way collaboration with our clients: compliance of their requirements and provision of our know how to meet their needs.


We have three liquid paint installations and one 3D decoration installation:

Liquid paint

A continuous installation for manual application to work of short, medium and long series. A continuous installation for automatic and/or manual application with the capacity to produce medium and long series in two-layer and single layer processes. A static cabin installation as a test bench, which allows us to make samples quickly and with a lot of flexibility when developing our proposals and clients’ new requests.

3D / Water Transfer / Dip Print Decoration

With this technology, we offer our clients the possibility of decorating their parts simulating, with excellent definition, a large variety of materials (woods, carbon fibre, marbles, geometric shapes, etc.) and also designs that have been developed directly by our clients.

In our installations we have the means to do the necessary pre-treatments depending on the substrate that is to be treated, such as cleaning, degreasing, disinfecting or deionisation.


Liquid paint

Single Layer

With this process we achieve finishes with an optimal quality-price ratio. Competitive decoration process to obtain good quality finishes at an affordable cost. We can make different types of finishes: solid, metallic, matte, satin, gloss colours, etc.


With this process we achieve the highest quality and can also offer an even greater variety of finishes. Working with a base colour and then a varnish means we can achieve more finishes than with a single layer process, and with higher quality.

3D Decoration

3D decoration allows us to transfer designs onto may kinds of plastic or metal parts, with complex designs or curved shapes where other decorative technologies cannot reach. The quality of this finish is the same as a two-layer paint process. The final varnish of the decorated parts is another part of the decoration process.

Other services/processes

Our many years in the decoration sector have enabled us to acquire enough experience to do other complementary processes; assembly, coating, foam finish, pad printing, hot stamping, etc. We provide our clients with another service and the possibility of optimising resources.


Offering services and products with the highest quality is our priority. A powerful Quality Management System is key to meeting the needs of our customers. It is the path to continuous improvement.
The ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 certificates endorse our commitment to quality and continuous improvement.
We are certified in ISO 45001; health and safety at work is also a priority for our organisation.
Laboratori Depinsa

We have a laboratory and equipment to do the necessary tests and controls to guarantee the quality of our products and processes.

Regarding the environment, all the waste our processes produce is correctly managed in accordance with the Catalan Waste Agency

Laboratori Depinsa

 (ACR) regulations, and, at the same time, we constantly work to make our processes more efficient and environmentally friendly. Part of our production is already done with water-based systems, replacing, where possible, solvent-based products.

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    Burés 1, building 6 Bis
    Castellbell i el Vilar
    08296 Barcelona

    Tel: +34 93 828 30 31